2020-04-19: Acts: Life In The Spirit — Power to Work and to Win

Sermon Audio: Power to Work and to Win
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Acts 13:1-12
Duration: 21:54
Size: 10.0 MB

Acts: Life In The Spirit
Power to Work and to Win
Acts 13:1-12

God wants to fill us with His Spirit so we can reach lost people and win spiritual battles.

I. God Has an Intentional Plan to Reach Unreached People (Acts 13:1-6a)
Part of God’s intentional plan to reach unreached people is to communicate His intentions to us.

God calls each of us to a specific work, and it is good for us to recognize the validity and worth of each one’s calling.

So, whether we are senders or sent ones, or both, God wants us in the game!

II. God Has Enemies Who Will Oppose His People (Acts 13:6b-8)
Make no mistake about it–If you are trying to reach people with the good news about Jesus, you will face opposition!

III. God Gives Us the Power and Boldness We Need to Win (Acts 13:9-12)
It was a Holy Spirit-inspired boldness that would not tolerate the lies and deception of the devil.

God wants you to have the power and boldness you need in order to win spiritual battles.

He also wants to empower you to win people to Him who have not yet been reached with the good news about Jesus.

2020-04-12: Rediscover Easter

Sermon Audio: Rediscover Easter
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Luke 24:1-9
Duration: 22:13
Size: 10.1 MB

Rediscover Easter
Luke 24:1-9

They had seen him beaten, they seen him crucified, they had seen him killed and they had seen him buried and they knew the dream was as dead as the dreamer.

We believe, as did the early church, that Christ had risen from the dead that there was actually a physical resurrection.

Anyone can claim to be the Son of God. But if someone could substantiate the assertion by returning to life after being certifiably dead and buried–well, that would be a compelling confirmation that he was telling the truth.

And while there are all kinds of people who will lie there are very few who will maintain that lie in the face of torture and death.

In other words, it would take you from breakfast on Monday until Friday at dinner time listening around the clock to hear the testimony of those witnesses.

Because the Tomb Was Empty His Enemies Knew they Were Wrong
But the empty tomb would change the lives of those closest to Jesus and ultimately would change the face of the world.

Because the Tomb Was Empty Peter Knew He Was Forgiven
Come on Peter, what is going on? This is Jesus, the same Jesus that called you from being a fisherman and turned you into a fisher of men.

And when Jesus hung on the cross, with the blood from the crown of thorns dripping into his eyes, and he pulled himself up by the iron nails driven through his wrists and said Father forgive them, he was looking for Peter.

God’s forgiveness is there for each one of us but first we need to acknowledge our wrongs, and be sorry that we did it, not just sorry we got caught doing it, but sorry that we disappointed Jesus.

Because the Tomb Was Empty Thomas Knew He Was Blessed
Doubting Thomas indeed. But he probably verbalized it better, saying I won’t believe unless I can see it myself.

Everything that Jesus Christ said and did could be duplicated or fabricated right up to his resurrection.

2020-04-05: What Is A Follower

Sermon Audio: What Is A Follower
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Luke 19:34-40
Duration: 19:42
Size: 9.01 MB

What Is A Follower
Luke 19:34-40

The Pharisees were Jewish religious leaders and they saw Jesus as a threat to their own authority and they identified those who lined the streets that day as Followers of Jesus.

Being A Christ Follower Means You Realize Who Christ Is
There are people out there today who know of Jesus but they don’t necessarily know Jesus.
Matthew 16:13-16
You see what happened, Simon Peter had gone from a head knowledge, this is what people are saying to a heart knowledge, this is who you are to me.

Being A Christ Follower Means You Follow Christ
Time and time again Jesus told people Follow Me. And when he said that he inevitably got one of two responses.
Matthew 4:19-22
Are you walking so close to his teaching that his dust has covered you?
Luke 9:59-60

Being A Christ Follower Means You’re Honest
There were some there that day who in some nebulous way thought they were following Jesus because he was there and they were there.

Being A Christ Follower Will Cost You Something
Luke 14:27-28
Jesus didn’t come to Jerusalem to collect coats. He came to collect people.

There are thousands of men and women around the world that lose their jobs, their families and their lives because they follow Jesus. What would you be willing to pay?

Being A Christ Follower Means You Stick With It To The End
It’s not enough to follow him on Palm Sunday or any other Sunday for that matter, because life is what happens between Sundays.
Galatians 6:9, Revelation 14:12

2020-03-29: Remember and Therefore

Sermon Audio: Remember and Therefore
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: I Thessalonians 4:13
Duration: 25:14
Size: 11.5 MB

Remember and Therefore
An Encouraging Word
I Thessalonians 4:13

I. Remember
Isaiah 55:9

A) Remember That God Is Still On His Throne
Isaiah 6:1-4
Isaiah 40:21, 22a

B) Remember That Our God Is In Control
Matthew 28:18
Romans 8:28

C) Remember That Our God Can Be Trusted
Psalm 28:7
Psalm 125:1, 2
John 14:1-3
Proverbs 3:5, 6
Isaiah 40:30, 31

D) Remember That Our God Is Our Help
Psalm 121

E) Remember That Our God Is Great and Our God Is Good
Psalm 145:3
Jeremiah 32:17
Luke 1:37 (KJV)
Psalm 100:5

II. Therefore…

A) We Will Not Fear, We Will Trust
Psalm 23:4
Psalm 27:1, 3
Psalm 91:1, 2
Isaiah 43:1-3
Psalm 46 (NLT)

B) We Will Not Worry, We Will Pray
Matthew 6:25-34
Philippians 4:4-7

C) We Will Be A Light And We Will Live Differently
Matthew 5:14-16
I Peter 3:15
Philippians 1:12

D) Therefore We Will Show Compassion
Matthew 9:35-38

E) We Will Pray For National Healing
2 Chronicles 7:11-14

F) We Will Fix Our Eyes On Jesus
Matthew 14:27-31

Remember that…God–is still on His throne,
Our God is in control,
Our God can be trusted,
Our God is our help, and
Our God is great and good…

We will not fear, we will trust…
We will not worry, we will pray…
We will be a light and we will live differently…
We will show compassion…
We will pray for healing…
We will Fix our eyes on Jesus, He is our anchor in the storm.

2020-03-22: Acts: Life In The Spirit — A Tale of Two Lives

Sermon Audio: A Tale of Two Lives
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Acts 12:18-25
Duration: 24:35
Size: 11.5 MB

Acts: Life In The Spirit
A Tale of Two Lives
Acts 12:18-25

In fact, the house of Herod would make shows like Desperate Housewives or the worst Soap Operas look pretty tame. There was incest, betrayal, adultery, and many other gross sins.

I’d like to borrow two opposing thoughts from Psalm 1 that will provide a framework for discussing our scripture. Psalm 1:6 says, For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked leads to destruction.

I. The Lord Watches Over the Path of the Righteous
The physical welfare of the righteous is linked to the purposes of God.

If you struggle with this whole idea of how to reconcile suffering, sickness, and death with God’s care for us, it helps to remember that He alone is sovereign and knows what He is doing.

II. The Path of the Wicked Leads to Destruction
Josephus, a Jewish historiographer, writes about this same event, giving us a few more details than Luke does.

Now, here was Agrippa willing to commit the same kind of sin that Great Grandpa had fought so hard against.

I don’t know what you are going through today, but I am hoping and praying that you will come to a place where you can turn your life completely over to God, and start doing things His way.