2017-05-28: Birthday of the Church – Past, Present, and Future

Sermon Audio: Birthday of the Church – Past, Present, and Future
Speaker: Pastor Frank Clore
Scripture Text: Acts 2:1-13
Duration: 28:32
Size: 13.0 MB

Birthday of the Church – Past, Present, and Future
Acts 2:1-13

It was also called the Feast of Weeks.

Pentecost was a time of celebration people would feast and be thankful for what God had already given them and for the provision He would provide in the future.

The Holy Spirit has been associated with wind before.

The Holy Spirit is available for everyone who believes in Jesus Christ and He will stay on a permanent basis.

The Holy Spirit provides us the environment needed to have a personal relationship with God.

We have the constant ever-present help of the Holy Spirit with us.

We have God who is the Guide and Helper.

We have God who gives a power to resist temptation and sin.

We have God who enables us to see what is good and right in situations.

We have God who convicts us of our errors that we might do right.

We have God experiencing our sin with us as we do it grieving Him.

We have access to God through prayer even when we do not know what to say.

Pentecost means that you and I each have a job to do as believers in God’s Church.

2017-05-07: What A Waste

Sermon Audio: What A Waste
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Judges 13-16
Duration: 28:21
Size: 12.9 MB

What A Waste
Judges 13-16

Another type of waste that happens far too frequently, and really hurts to see, is the waste of a person’s life.

We are going to look at: What Samson Had, What Samson Did, What Samson Lost, and What Samson Learned.

Samson had parents who wanted him and believed in him, and Samson was also set aside by God.

Samson did whatever he wanted to do!

Samson knew that this marriage was against God’s will.

This act was the beginning of the end of Samson, as he would continue on this downward spiral of self-pleasure and self-gratification.

But Samson had forgotten that though his earthly father could not see and did not know, His Heavenly Father both saw and knew.

“Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:1

“So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you do not fall.” I Corinthians 10:12

Because he did whatever he wanted, he lost every bit of it and more.

He lost his strength. He lost his eye sight. He lost his freedom. He lost the presence of the Lord.

He learned the truth. He learned he had sinned. He learned he had to repent.

Samson learned that God can and will forgive and restore.

2017-03-19: The Lions and Daniel

Daniel & The Lions' Den

Sermon Audio: The Lions and Daniel
Speaker: Pastor Frank Clore
Scripture Text: Daniel 6
Duration: 36:39
Size: 16.7 MB

The Lions and Daniel
Daniel 6

Daniel knew that if he gave up his practice of daily prayer, he would be joining the rest of the kingdom in their idolatry and he had too much integrity to do that.

For the Christian, “Integrity” means there is similarity between our character and our creed, between our beliefs and our behavior.

First, the events of this sixth chapter of Daniel helps us to understand that Christian integrity shows.

The second lesson Daniel’s life teaches us is that living a life of integrity does not shelter you from the unfairness of life.

The third lesson Daniel’s life teaches us is that people of Christian integrity are people who know the importance of prayer.

In all honesty, for many of us, our natural response of the “Lions of life” is to panic and roar in rage against life’s unfairness or complain or criticize or become paralyzed and slip into a defeated sense of depression.

Eternal life does not just refer to the length of your life. It also refers to the quality of your life.

Another lesson Daniel’s life teaches us is that his example proves that by living a life of integrity we can have an amazing impact on this world.