2018-07-08: Jesus-The Ultimate Action Hero–And Jesus Stood Still

Sermon Audio: And Jesus Stood Still
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Mark 10:46-52
Duration: 22:43
Size: 11.4 MB

Jesus: The Ultimate Action Hero
And Jesus Stood Still
Mark 10:46-52

They are scary people, because they are toothless and dirty and they have not bathed or changed clothes in months; but, they seem harmless because they are severely withdrawn.

A similar thing happened a couple of thousand years ago outside Jericho.

He begs because he is poor and his poverty is due to his blindness; therefore, there is no sin in his begging.

The people saw someone going to be their king. Bartimaeus found the Savior for Whom he had been looking.

And Jesus stood still. He did not simply pause. He did not slow down and glance at the beggar. Jesus stopped, Jesus stood still.

There are two miracles in this story. First, a blind beggar has his sight restored. But its the second miracle I would like to leave you with today.

Yet among all the personal anxiety and commotion of the crowd, He heard a single voice cry out. And He stood still.

For Jesus to pass by one soul would be to contradict His entire mission.

Jesus stood still.

2018-07-01: Jesus-The Ultimate Action Hero–Anxious To Matter

Sermon Audio: Anxious To Matter
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Mark 10:32-45
Duration: 28:07
Size: 13.3 MB

Jesus: The Ultimate Action Hero
Anxious To Matter
Mark 10:32-45

We want a life that means something. We want a life that makes a difference. The question is, “How?” How do we live a life that matters?

For you see, if we want to live a life that matters, then like Jesus we must be willing to die. We must be willing to…

If we want to live a life that matters, 1st we must sacrifice. Then 2nd, we must…

Jesus tells them, You will indeed suffer, because that’s the price of greatness. That’s the cost of living a life that matters.

It is absolutely necessary if we want to live lives that matter. 1st we must sacrifice. 2nd we must suffer; and 3rd if we want to live lives that matter, we must…

Would I be willing to serve God faithfully and raise up my children to serve him, even if I never achieved any recognition?

Whatever role God has assigned to you, in His strength, carry out that role to the best of your ability. For if we want to live a life that matters.

1st we must sacrifice; 2nd we must suffer; 3rd we must submit; and finally, we must…

Jesus Himself showed us what true greatness is all about. It’s not about people waiting on me. It’s about me waiting on people.

Do you want to live a life that makes a positive difference in other people’s lives? Then with God’s help strive to be a servant and not a celebrity.

When your life is all said and done, what will your contribution be?

2018-05-06: Jesus-The Ultimate Action Hero – Salty Christians

Sermon Audio: Who’s In Charge?
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Mark 9:38-50
Duration: 23:52
Size: 13.2 MB

Jesus: The Ultimate Action Hero
Salty Christians
Mark 9:38-50

Here, John complains that someone outside the “in” group was doing kingdom work.

The truth is that if someone out of mercy helps another be freed from a demon through the power of Jesus, they are not going to turn around and tell people not to believe or trust in Jesus.

You’ve done your best to serve the Lord, your family, or this community, and nobody seems to appreciate it.

Even as a simple act of kindness has with it great rewards, so too are there great punishments for those who prey on the young ones in the Lord.

Take drastic measures, if need be, to keep yourself from being scandalized in your own relationship with Christ.

Don’t worry about the faults of others. Take care of your own faults by humbly admitting your need of Christ and getting help from Him.

That is, speak words of peace and encouragement. Help those young believers find joy in their service for Christ, because they’re going to have enough trouble as it is in this life.

We never know what other people are dealing with, and the last thing they need is somebody putting them down.

You see, we truly help people not with harsh words of criticism. No. We help them with words of grace and peace, seasoned with salt.

2018-04-29: Jesus-The Ultimate Action Hero – Who’s In Charge?

Sermon Audio: Who’s In Charge?
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Mark 9:14-37
Duration: 27:17
Size: 14.5 MB

Jesus: The Ultimate Action Hero
Who’s In Charge?
Mark 9:14-37

Chapter 9 of Mark’s gospel is really an object lesson in upsetting the default human tendency towards power and the real way God’s universe runs.

I love this account because we, as Jesus’ disciples, face ministry “failures” at times. We think we hear from God, we step out in faith, and then fall flat on our faces.

Here Jesus shows His exasperation. But notice what frustrates Him: unbelief.

It’s like Jesus is saying “I can do anything. The question is: do you believe I can?”

So perhaps the disciples had begun to attempt to drive out demons in their own strength when their initial attempts failed.

But instead of really pressing in to find out from God what’s going on, we just grimace and bear it, or we hide away, or throw a pity party, or solve it in our own strength.

True greatness is measured by how much you serve, not by how much you rule.

When the disciples couldn’t drive out the demon, Jesus spoke of the problem of unbelief, which is really lack of submission and trust in Jesus.

“…But if you can do anything,…”

“I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”

2018-04-22: Jesus-The Ultimate Action Hero – Why Follow Jesus?

Sermon Audio: Why Follow Jesus?
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Mark 8:34-9:13
Duration: 22:04
Size: 11.6 MB

Jesus: The Ultimate Action Hero
Why Follow Jesus?
Mark 8:34-9:13

Accomplishing God’s tasks with man’s methods never works – so Jesus rebuked Peter.

He wasn’t saying that everyone must die on a cross, but that each of us must set aside our ways and take on a commitment to follow the Lord no matter what.

What you think of Him matters. What you think of His words matters. If you reject them, you reject Him and when He comes back as king he will reject you.

It means a change from within, and not just in appearance but a complete transformation of the entire being.

Imagine what you would have felt if you woke up from a deep sleep to three glorious men standing there?

Suddenly all the glory was gone, and it was just Jesus, now in human form, standing there. What a mind-blowing experience.

But all that didn’t mean the death of Jesus was no longer necessary. So Jesus calls them to think about that aspect of the Messiah.