2022-10-16: The Life of David — David’s Son Solomon Anointed as King

Sermon Audio: David’s Son Solomon Anointed as King
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: I Kings 1:11-53
Duration: 25:16
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The Life of David
David’s Son Solomon Anointed as King
I Kings 1:11-53

Today we learn how David resolved this crisis and had his son Solomon anointed as king over Israel.

An outsider’s view is often different than an insider’s view.

I. The Countering of the Conspiracy (I Kings 1:11-27)
Nathan knew that God told David that Solomon was to be the next king over Israel.

II. The Prescription for the Ceremony (I Kings 1:28-37)
Nathan’s plan worked. King David swore a second oath to Bathsheba insisting that he would fulfill his first oath to make Solomon king.

David carried out God’s will to have Solomon succeed him as king when he gave them instructions about the ceremony.

III. The Crowning of the King (I Kings 1:38-40)
Every person faces the same choice today. Who will be our king? Will it be Jesus? Or will it be some rival to Jesus?

IV. The Submission to the King (I Kings 1:41-53)
This was awkward. Adonijah’s guests suddenly knew that they had backed the wrong horse. They couldn’t get out of En-rogel fast enough.

However, when Adonijah realized that his rebellion had been exposed, he threw himself on the mercy of God and his anointed king.

2022-10-09: The Life of David — David in His Old Age

Sermon Audio: David in His Old Age
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: I Kings 1:1-10
Duration: 23:04
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The Life of David
David in His Old Age
I Kings 1:1-10

The first one and a half chapters of I Kings tells us about the sunset of David’s life.

When kings and other leaders become old and feeble, there is often a grab for power.

I. We Notice the Diminishment of Others (I Kings 1:1-4)
The seventy instances of the noun king or the related verb is the most in any chapter in the Bible.

When we wrongly desire preeminence, we notice the diminishment of others.

II. We Exalt Ourselves (I Kings 1:5,6b-10)
Adonijah sought to take advantage of the situation and exalt himself.

Adonijah exalted himself by what he did, by the people he knew, and by his religious zeal. He wanted to promote the right image to the people.

III. We Pursue Our Own Pleasure (I Kings 1:6a)
In the middle of this narrative is a very important note about David’s relationship with his son Adonijah.

For the moment, all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.

2022-10-02: The Life of David — David’s Census

Sermon Audio: David’s Census
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: II Samuel 24:1-25
Duration: 25:53
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The Life of David
David’s Census
II Samuel 24:1-25

David took a census of the nation, and it turned out to be a great calamity. Thousands of people died.

It makes many people queasy nowadays to talk about the wrath of God, but there can be no turning away from this prominent biblical theme.

I. Because of the Wrath of God, Sin Was Committed (II Samuel 24:1-9)
It is possible that the Lord was now punishing his people for rejecting him when they rejected David.

The point is that God was angry with his people, and he allowed David to commit sin.

II. Because of the Wrath of God, Judgment Was Delivered (II Samuel 24:10-15)
It was only after David recognized and confessed his sin that the Lord sent his prophet Gad to David.

III. Because of the Wrath of God, Mercy Was Pleaded (II Samuel 24:16-17)
David knew that God’s mercy is kinder and gentler than any disaster that could ever come his way.

IV. Because of the Wrath of God, Atonement Was Made (II Samuel 24:18-25)
That all looked forward to David’s Greater Son Jesus who, a thousand years after David, did die a short distance from Moriah.

2022-09-25: The Life of David — David’s Mighty Men

Sermon Audio: David’s Mighty Men
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: II Samuel 23:8-39
Duration: 26:31
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The Life of David
David’s Mighty Men
II Samuel 23:8-39

King David also recognized and affirmed greatness and achievement. We have his list in II Samuel 23:8-39.

I. God’s Power to Save (II Samuel 23:8-12)
Like Samson, who once killed 1,000 Philistines with a fresh jawbone of a donkey (Judges 15:15), so Josheb-basshebeth killed 800 men with a spear at one time.

David’s kingdom was a physical kingdom that points us to Jesus’ kingdom that is a spiritual kingdom.

II. God’s Enablement to Serve (II Samuel 23:13-17)
He was the king of Israel, chosen by God and anointed. Yet he could not enter his hometown and drink from the well there.

To David, the water from Bethlehem was the very blood of the men who got it at the risk of their lives. He could not drink it. He must give it in worship to the Lord.

III. God’s Recognition of Servants (II Samuel 23:18-39)
Their names are printed on the pages of God’s holy word as an eternal tribute to their faithful service to David.

IV. God’s Reminder of Sin (II Samuel 23:39)
But David also learned of God’s forgiveness. He repented of his sin. And God forgave him.

2022-09-18: The Life of David — David’s Last Words

Sermon Audio: David’s Last Words
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: II Samuel 23:1-7
Duration: 22:57
Size: 15.7 MB

The Life of David
David’s Last Words
II Samuel 23:1-7

I do not think that these are literally the last words of David. More likely, these words are David’s testimony about the coming kingdom.

King David’s last words bear testimony to future generations as well.

I. The King’s Identity (II Samuel 23:1)
David was identifying his humble origin. David was the youngest of Jesse’s seven sons.

David was chosen by God not because David’s heart attracted God to him but because God’s heart was set on David.

II. The King’s Inspiration (II Samuel 23:2-3b)
The first eight lines of David’s last song were preparatory for what was to follow.

III. The King’s Instructions (II Samuel 23:3c-7)
Nevertheless, these words were a promise through David about a future ruler who would be a righteous ruler who ruled in the fear of God.

David’s instruction regarding the promise of future blessings is that his, and our, hope and joy should be focused on God’s covenant of grace.

David was warning all readers of future destruction that awaited all who did not embrace God’s covenant of grace.

You’ve got to decide whether those signs are there to save you or to ruin your fun. You’re of age-you decide.