2022-06-26: The Life of David — David Restores Absalom

Sermon Audio: David Restores Absalom
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: II Samuel 14:1-33
Duration: 24:48
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The Life of David
David Restores Absalom
II Samuel 14:1-33

King David had certainly experienced reconciliation with God. He was not able, however, to achieve a true reconciliation with his son Absalom.

David demonstrated dramatically by his sins of adultery and murder that he also needed God’s forgiveness.

I. The Request (II Samuel 14:1-20)
Whatever the reason, Joab sent to Tekoa, about ten miles south of Jerusalem, for a wise woman.

At this point, David suspected that Joab was behind the woman’s story.

II. The Return (II Samuel 14:21-27)
Unwittingly, David put Absalom in contact with people who admired and adored him, and who would eventually side with Absalom in a rebellion against David.

III. The Reconciliation (II Samuel 14:28-33)
There was no heart in it. And there was certainly no true reconciliation between David and Absalom, as subsequent events will show.

2022-06-19: The Life of David — Absalom Murders Amnon

Sermon Audio: Absalom Murders Amnon
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: II Samuel 13:23-39
Duration: 28:08
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The Life of David
Absalom Murders Amnon
II Samuel 13:23-39

Hatred, revenge, and vengeance are incredibly destructive attitudes.

Vengeance is defined as “punishment inflicted or retribution exacted for an injury or wrong.”

I. The Activity in the Vengeance (II Samuel 13:23-29)
Upon a first reading, one may get the impression that Absalom was putting the event of two years earlier behind him, and that he wanted the family to all get along.

Of course, Absalom was not concerned about the other princes. His only concern was to get at Amnon.

If we were first-time readers of this narrative, we might ask ourselves, what is happening to the future of the house of David?

II. The Passivity following the Vengeance (II Samuel 13:30-39)
How did Jonadab know what had really happened? Clearly, he was fully aware of Absalom’s plan.

David’s firstborn son was dead, at the hand of his third son. David’s house had become a house deeply and bitterly divided against itself.

Richard Phillips notes three points about the biblical doctrine of vengeance, which is summed up by Paul, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord”.

1st, God takes vengeance on sins that have been committed.
2nd, since God takes vengeance on all sin, individuals are not allowed to take justice into their own hands.
3rd, since God takes vengeance on all sin, and individuals are not allowed to take justice into their own hands, the proper Christian response to sin is to do good.

2022-06-12: The Life of David — Amnon and Tamar

Sermon Audio: Amnon and Tamar
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: II Samuel 13:1-22
Duration: 31:58
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The Life of David
Amnon and Tamar
II Samuel 13:1-22

In our series on “The Life of David,” we have seen David’s meteoric rise from being a shepherd to serving as God’s king on earth.

When we read the Bible, we need to ask how any chapter fits into the over-arching storyline of the Bible.

I. Unbridled Lust (II Samuel 13:1-2,14-17)
Although the scripture says that Amnon loved Tamar, the fact is that his passion was pure unbridled lust.

And all lust is a kind of rape, whether of mind or body or both, for such pseudo-love can only consume the objects of its grasping attentions.

II. Unprincipled Counsel (II Samuel 13:3-5)
A true friend would have realized what was going on, or, at least, asked more questions to get to the bottom of the matter.

III. Unprotected Obedience (II Samuel 13:6-13,18-19)
In this terrible story, Tamar obediently followed her father’s instruction.

IV. Unrestrained Hatred (II Samuel 13:20,22)
Eventually, thankfully, through the intervention of his son, Rick realized that his hatred was hurting his own family.

V. Unmoved Anger (II Samuel 13:21)
David’s unmoved anger was an additional sin on top of his previous sin.

2022-06-05: The Life of David — David’s Child Dies

Sermon Audio: David’s Child Dies
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: II Samuel 12:15-31
Duration: 21:53
Size: 15.0 MB

The Life of David
David’s Child Dies
II Samuel 12:15-31

Even believers want to know how to come back after egregious sin.

Believers have to endure the consequences for sin even though we have been forgiven.

I. Seek God in Prayer (II Samuel 12:15-16)
But David did not assume that God’s declaration that the child would die was so settled that he just sat back and waited for the inevitable to happen.

II. Acknowledge Your Sin (II Samuel 12:17)
Don’t hide it or refuse to face those who are in a position to help and who want to help.

III. Submit to God’s Will (II Samuel 12:18-23)
David’s acceptance of the child’s death shows his submission to God’s will.

IV. Receive God’s Blessing (II Samuel 12:24-25)
Forgiveness cancels past sin, promises future blessing, and opens the gate of heaven.

V. Return to Duty (II Samuel 12:26-31)
God wants you to serve him with the gifts that he has given you.

And because of that truth, let me urge you to seek God in prayer, acknowledge your sin, submit to God’s will, receive God’s blessing, and then return to duty.

2022-05-29: The Life of David — David Rebuked by Nathan

Sermon Audio: David Rebuked by Nathan
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: II Samuel 12:1-15
Duration: 24:27
Size: 16.7 MB

The Life of David
David Rebuked by Nathan
II Samuel 12:1-15

Many months passed by after King David’s sin against Bathsheba and Uriah. Bathsheba became pregnant and David was confronted by Nathan after the birth of that child.

The narrative of David being rebuked by Nathan is really a story of God’s grace reaching out to an adopted son who has grievously sinned in order to restore him to fellowship with himself.

I. The First Step Is Conviction (II Samuel 12:1-12)
Nathan used an indirect approach with David. If he had started by saying that David had sinned, David might have been defensive or dismissive.

Nathan did not wait for David to respond. He went on to pronounce the findings of the Lord who was David’s judge.

So, the first step God uses to restore sinners back into fellowship with himself is conviction of sin.

II. The Second Step Is Repentance (II Samuel 12:13a)
David understood the magnitude of his sin and he repented of his sin.

III. The Third Step Is Forgiveness (II Samuel 12:13b-15)
However, I do want to remind us that God is just in all his ways and he never does anything wrong.

Whatever our sin, let us be convicted of our sin, truly repent of our sin, and then receive God’s forgiveness for our sin.