2010-03-28: Lasting Returns — Faithfulness

Lordship Living — God Provides

Sermon: Lasting Returns — Faithfulness
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Duration: 27:17
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What Good Is a Coat of Many Colors
If It Has a Stain on It?

The Book of Genesis closes with the remarkable story of the Old Testament character Joseph and his family. The life of Joseph has some strong parallels to the life of Jesus Christ. Both were gifted, both lived holy lives, both suffered, and both were responsible for the salvation of lives (although in Joseph’s case, it was physical salvation, rather than spiritual).

Among the many attributes Joseph possessed was that of longevity—endurance. He was true to his God, whether things were going well or not so well.

Endurance is a characteristic God wants to cultivate in each one of us. Today, let’s examine the life of Joseph and see if we can’t learn some of his secrets for Lordship Living.

Today’s Focus: God rewards those who are faithful to Him.

Food for Thought: I will put my time, talent, treasure, and touch to work for the Kingdom.

Lasting Returns

  1. When we model unfaithfulness, others are affected by our actions.
  2. When we model faithfulness, we influence others to be faithful!

Faithfulness Is a Choice

  1. It’s not always easy to follow through on our choices.
  2. Faithfulness is a choice, and it’s one we have to stick with if we are to please God.

Through Our Faithfulness, We Gain Lasting Returns

  1. The natural inclination of every one of us is to cling to the things we have.
  2. God wants us to be generous—with Him and with others.

Waldo Weaning’s Three Levels of Giving

  1. You have to (Law)
  2. You ought to (Obligation)
  3. You want to (Grace)

God Gives Us Gifts and Talents for a Reason

  1. God has given you gifts for a reason, and that reason is to bless others.
  2. In God’s eyes, all gifts are equal because they equally serve the Body—His Church.

How much do you own in that direction?