2022-08-14: The Life of David — David and the Rebellion of Sheba

Sermon Audio: David and the Rebellion of Sheba
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: II Samuel 20:1-26
Duration: 24:24
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The Life of David
David and the Rebellion of Sheba
II Samuel 20:1-26

But, even before he arrived in Jerusalem, another rebellion arose against David, which David considered even more dangerous than Absalom’s rebellion.

But David, like all of us, fell into sin. David’s failure showed that his kingdom was not the promised, eternal kingdom of God.

I. Rebellion (II Samuel 20:1-2)
David returned to Jerusalem with just a very small part of his kingdom still intact.

II. Sadness (II Samuel 20:3)
These precious women suffered because of David’s sin.

III. Instability (II Samuel 20:4-13)
Joab was extremely strong-willed and also extremely loyal to David, even though he at times disobeyed David.

IV. Deliverance (II Samuel 20:14-22)
Joab let her know that if she gave up Sheba, he would not destroy the city.

V. Administration (II Samuel 20:23-26)
However, the kind of leadership that is essential is humble and servant-hearted, not proud and ambitious.

2022-08-07: Obedience Over Sacrifice

Sermon Audio: Obedience Over Sacrifice
Speaker: Frank A Clore
Scripture Text: I Samuel 15:22
Duration: 25:24
Size: 17.4 MB

Obedience Over Sacrifice
I Samuel 15:22

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2022-07-31: The Life of David — David Returns to Jerusalem

Sermon Audio: David Returns to Jerusalem
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: II Samuel 19:8-43
Duration: 25:56
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The Life of David
David Returns to Jerusalem
II Samuel 19:8-43

Today’s lesson is about David’s return to Jerusalem and the grace he extended to those along the way.

His essential message, which was supposed to represent Jesus‘ message to a world of sinners, was this: “Hey, don’t be a dirty rose.”

I. Grace Is Given to the Unable (II Samuel 19:8-15,41-43)
The indecision of the Israelites mirrors our own futility in reconciling ourselves to the throne of God.

II. Grace Is Given to the Angry (II Samuel 19:16,18-23)
Some think that Shimei’s repentance was not true repentance.

III. Grace Is Given to the Betrayer (II Samuel 19:17-18,26-27,29)
When David asked Ziba where Mephibosheth was, Ziba betrayed his master by saying that he stayed in Jerusalem in order to regain the kingdom for himself.

IV. Grace Is Given to the Disabled (II Samuel 19:24-30)
Mephibosheth affirmed that he really did not care about property and wealth; he simply wanted King David back in Jerusalem.

V. Grace Is Given to the Generous (II Samuel 19:31-40)
Barzillai had been generous to David and his followers in their time of great need.

Instead of deservedly receiving his harshness and disfavor, Jesus offers us grace.

2022-07-24: The Life of David — David Mourns for Absalom

Sermon Audio: David Mourns for Absalom
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: II Samuel 18:1-19:8
Duration: 26:17
Size: 18.0 MB

The Life of David
David Mourns for Absalom
II Samuel 18:1-19:8

This account tells us of Absalom’s death and David’s mourning for his son, Absalom.

Historians tell us that the Black Plague or Black Death ran in various forms from 1347 to 1665 and killed at least 25 million people in Europe and from 75 million to 200 million worldwide.

It is interesting in light of our current worldwide pandemic.

I. The Death of a Son (II Samuel 18:1-18)
David’s command to “Be gentle” with Absalom was a poor command to give to his military leaders.

With Absalom dead, Joab called for his soldiers to stop pursuing Absalom’s army.

II. The Despair of a Father (II Samuel 18:19-19:8)
When David’s returning victorious army heard of David’s inordinate sorrow for Absalom, they entered Mahanaim stealthily, and the day of victory was turned into a day of mourning.

We are all like Absalom. We are faithless and rebellious. We do not want to submit to the kingship of Jesus. In our revolt against him, we want him out of our lives.

2022-07-17: The Life of David — David Saved by Hushai

Sermon Audio: David Saved by Hushai
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: II Samuel 17:1-29
Duration: 24:49
Size: 17.0 MB

The Life of David
David Saved by Hushai
II Samuel 17:1-29

But God had wonderfully provided Hushai, another friend of David, to return to the city of Jerusalem to defeat the counsel of Ahithophel.

God’s plan to have David serve as his anointed king on earth seemed to be falling apart.

I. The Plan to Destroy God’s King (II Samuel 17:1-4)
Ahithophel’s plan would have received high marks in today’s military academies.

II. The Plan to Protect God’s King (II Samuel 17:5-14a)
Perhaps Absalom thought that since Hushai was David’s friend, he could confirm the viability of the plan that Ahithophel put forward.

Buying “David precious time to escape and regroup” seems to have been Hushai’s primary goal.

III. The Plan to Alert God’s King (II Samuel 17:15-29)
Having been alerted by Hushai’s message, David and all his loyal supporters crossed over the Jordan river.

IV. The Plan Behind the Plans (II Samuel 17:14b)
Yahweh’s sovereignty is not meant to give you philosophical problems but spiritual comfort.

God sovereignly answered David’s prayer, just as he hears the prayers of all who call on him in the name of Jesus Christ.