2021-09-26: The Life of David — David Rejected by the Philistines

Sermon Audio: David Rejected by the Philistines
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: I Samuel 29:1-11
Duration: 25:35
Size: 17.5 MB

The Life of David
David Rejected by the Philistines
I Samuel 29:1-11

In these final chapters, the author shows us the difference between a person who has a personal relationship with God (David) and a person who has no personal relationship with God (Saul).

However, David waited a long time for the other shoe to drop, that is, to become king.

I. The Dilemma for David (I Samuel 29:1-2)
The author of First Samuel is describing what happened several days before the attack against Saul and the Israelites.

There are people who want to go to heaven, but they also want the delights and pleasures of the world.

II. The Disapproval of David (I Samuel 29:3-5)
They disapproved of David because he might use this battle to gain Saul’s favor.

God’s ways of orchestrating his preserving providences are often surprising.

We don’t always understand God’s ways. But God is always good. And he is always good to those who belong to him.

III. The Discharge of David (I Samuel 29:6-11)
He would not have to fight against Saul and the covenant people of God.

The difference between Saul and David is a personal relationship with God.