2024-06-30: God’s Holy Spirit — The Spirit’s Personality

Sermon Audio: The Spirit’s Personality
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: John 16:3-13
Duration: 24:59
Size: 14.2 MB

God’s Holy Spirit
The Spirit’s Personality
John 16:3-13

The Holy Spirit is a divine person that works in conjunction with God and Christ.

When our minds are in tune with the Spirit’s mind, we can better understand the deeper matters of God’s will for us.

Bitterness not only grieves the Holy Spirit, but also Christ and God the Father.

There is also an eternal nature to the Holy Spirit, just as there is with God and Christ.

Each one is a divine living being capable of speaking, acting, influencing, blessing, reconciling, transforming, loving, and glorifying.

And today, we have God’s Holy Spirit directing and guiding us in ways that we cannot totally perceive.