2017-01-28: Jesus-The Ultimate Action Hero – Taking The Test

Sermon Audio: Taking The Test
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Mark 4:21-41
Duration: 21:40
Size: 9.91 MB

Jesus: The Ultimate Action Hero
Taking The Test
Mark 4:21-41

Jesus lays out to them important spiritual truths that all lead in the direction of trusting and relying on Jesus and not on themselves.

Jesus is basically reiterating His earlier comment that those who will engage their minds and seek to understand, will get more understanding. But those who could care less, it will mean nothing to them.

We can impede the growth or encourage it but we do not make it happen, but it will take place as a natural course of being related to Jesus.

Now we switch back to the action mode, with our ultimate action hero taking authority over the creation itself.

How tired must Jesus have been to sleep through the pitching of the boat, and the spraying of water?

I love the way Mark laid these out – first three parables about spiritual growth then a test of that growth.

When Jesus is in your boat, you will get to the other side, though He may lead you into storms, not so you can flounder and drown but so that He can speak to you to trust, and speak to your surroundings to bring glory to God.