2021-08-15: The Life of David — David and Abigail (Part 1)

Sermon Audio: David and Abigail (Part 1)
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: I Samuel 25:1-31
Duration: 23:49
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The Life of David
David and Abigail (Part 1)
I Samuel 25:1-31

David became really upset because of Nabal’s actions, and he very nearly acted in a way that could have been disastrous for him. Thankfully, the Lord intervened in David’s life.

I. A Man Who Does Not Fear the Lord (I Samuel 25:1-13)
A. The Request (I Samuel 25:1-9)
Bible scholars say that it was customary at shearing time, which was also a feast, for wealthy landowners to share their wealth with others.

B. The Refusal (I Samuel 25:10-11)
His foolishness–like all true foolishness–concerns his relationship to the Lord. All sin is sheer foolishness, for it is the contradiction of God.

C. The Retaliation (I Samuel 25:12-13)
We are vulnerable at such moments, not only to the flushes of our own sinfulness but to the influences of demonic suggestion.

II. A Woman Who Does Fear the Lord (I Samuel 25:14-31)
A. The Apprisal (I Samuel 25:14-17)
Apparently, even Nabal’s own servants did not have a high view of him, calling him a “a wicked man.”

B. The Action (I Samuel 25:18-19)

C. The Anger (I Samuel 25:20-22)
He was about to do something that would ruin his future, for if he had killed Nabal and his household, David would have been no better than Saul.

D. The Appeal (I Samuel 25:23-31)
Therefore, Abigail asked for David’s forgiveness for this insult and made restitution by providing him with various foods.

But in his marvelous mercy, God’s restraining providence prevented David from doing something that would have damaged his credibility and caused him great regret.