2011-07-24: Get Your Feet Wet – The Call to Get Wet

Sermon: Get Your Feet Wet – The Call to Get Wet
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Matthew 14:28-29
Duration: 25:57
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Get Your Feet Wet
The Call to Get Wet
Matthew 14:28-29

Max Lucado writes, “Fear it seems, has taken a hundred-year lease on the building next door and set up shop.”

I. Peter’s Call to Get Wet

Peter asks for Christ to tell Peter to come to Him by walking on the water as proof of Jesus’ identity.

In the context of a very scary and fear filled situation, it seems to mean that Peter is asking Jesus to tell him to do something that required an extreme act of faith.

Eleven of the twelve looked at the situation with faces of fear. Peter looked at the situation with a face of faith.

II. Your Call to Get Wet

God was, and is, always calling people to Him.

God asks an ordinary person to engage in an act of extraordinary trust, that of getting out of the boat.

You and I have had, and continue to have moments in which we have to decide whether or not to truly trust God and get out of the boat thus risking failure, or not.

And we do and will feel inadequate to the task, to the call, but what He wants is us and our willingness and our obedience.

Some of the boats that we are in these days are sometimes the unsafest place to be!

If God calls you, you can run from it but you cannot hide!

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