2010-05-02: Nothing to Prove — Nothing to Lose

Sermon: Nothing to Prove — Nothing to Lose
Speaker: Pastor Frank Clore
Scripture Text: I Samuel 17
Duration: 34:27
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David and Goliath
Nothing to Prove — Nothing to Lose
I Samuel 17

  1. God is not the author of fear.
  2. God has given us a spirt of power, love and self-discipline.
  3. We must ask, “How do we defeat the giants of our lives?”
  4. David lived a simple principle to defeat the giants of his life. He had nothing to prove and nothing to lose.
  5. Everything he was and everything that he had belonged completely to God.
  6. Saul’s soldiers ran away in fear.
  7. The more they delayed, the more intimidated they became.
  8. The more intimidated they became, the harder the problem became for them to handle.
  9. We get so caught up in the battle that we do not see beyond ourselves.
  10. God is bigger than our giants.

Three Strategies For Battling Your Giants

  1. Never assume that what worked for somebody else to defeat their giant will automatically work for you.
  2. Trust first in the Lord and not just in the weapons that you have been given.
  3. Celebrate your victories.

Quote To Remember

Mother Teresa said, “I’m not called to be successful. I’m simply called to be faithful.”