2013-02-24: True Hope for Your Future

Sermon Audio: True Hope for Your Future
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Habakkuk 3:16-19
Duration: 25:49
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True Hope for Your Future
Habakkuk 3:16-19

I want you to see that the key to Habakkuk’s experience of joy in the face of adversity was his faith!

I. True Faith Often Includes an Element of Fear (3:16a)

But even so, he was still very afraid about the Babylonian invasion that God had told him was coming.

God’s greatest men and women of faith have often been those who at their most intense times of testing found themselves racked with fear.

Shouldn’t our faith become easier, not harder, as we grow up into greater spiritual maturity?

The primary message of Habakkuk, is that you are to live by faith in this life.

II. True Faith Knows How to Rejoice in God in Spite of Difficult Circumstances (3:16b-19)

No matter what he may face, he was confident that he would remain standing because he trusted in the Sovereign Lord as his strength!

Habakkuk learned that history is not an end itself but a transition time, a parenthesis between Eden and heaven.

Whatever heaven is, it will banish all of the discomfort of this life and usher in new, unimaginable pleasures.

In one sense there is no ultimate solution to the problem of pain until Jesus returns.


Whatever your circumstances, whatever calamity or adversity comes your way, the prophet Habakkuk calls you to rejoice and to live by faith in a mighty and sovereign God.