2018-11-11: All In — Caleb

Sermon Audio: All In — Caleb
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Joshua 14:6-14
Duration: 40:32
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All In
Joshua 14:6-14

But 45 years later, God gives them a second chance. Aren’t you glad that God gives second chances?

Really, the difference between going all in and just holding out is, it really comes down to this, are you going to let fear dictate your decisions or are you going to let faith dictate your decisions?

Just try to imagine the conviction in his voice when he said this. This is the Braveheart moment. This is the Gladiator moment.

The simple answer to why he was as vigorous at 85 as he was at 40 is because his faith never diminished.

Abraham lived much of his life in Hebron and according to this tradition, he went to Hebron and fell prostrate on the ground and prayed on those gravesites where his ancestors were buried.

Do you see the history that we are a part of? It goes back to Noah that goes to Abraham that goes to Caleb. If Caleb is not all in, they never claim that promise and they never experience the miracle that God does.