2022-02-06: The Life of David — David and the Ark

Sermon Audio: David and the Ark
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: II Samuel 6:1-15
Duration: 24:35
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The Life of David
David and the Ark
II Samuel 6:1-15

The significance of the ark of the covenant is that it was the visible symbol of God’s presence in the midst of his people.

He said that most young evangelicals believe in what could best be described as “moral, therapeutic deism.”

The holiness of God is something that must be properly revered and respected.

I. God’s Justice and Mercy Must Not Be Confused (II Samuel 6:1-8)
David wanted to bring the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem in order to restore the worship of their covenant God.

Uzzah believed he was doing the right thing by touching the ark so that it did not fall.

God is patient with us. We must take seriously the warning God gives us in the story of Uzzah.

II. Fear Follows a Failure of Faith (II Samuel 6:9-10)
David’s faith failed because he did not obey the revealed will of God.

III. God’s Presence Brings Blessing (II Samuel 6:11-12a)
But the presence of the ark, representing the symbolic presence of God, proved to be a blessing to him and to his entire family.

We say “No” to the presence of God in our lives because we do not accept the offer of the means of grace.

IV. Obedience to God’s Word Brings Joy (II Samuel 6:12b-15)
What I don’t want to miss is that there was great rejoicing when David and all those with him brought the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem.

Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.