2022-06-26: The Life of David — David Restores Absalom

Sermon Audio: David Restores Absalom
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: II Samuel 14:1-33
Duration: 24:48
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The Life of David
David Restores Absalom
II Samuel 14:1-33

King David had certainly experienced reconciliation with God. He was not able, however, to achieve a true reconciliation with his son Absalom.

David demonstrated dramatically by his sins of adultery and murder that he also needed God’s forgiveness.

I. The Request (II Samuel 14:1-20)
Whatever the reason, Joab sent to Tekoa, about ten miles south of Jerusalem, for a wise woman.

At this point, David suspected that Joab was behind the woman’s story.

II. The Return (II Samuel 14:21-27)
Unwittingly, David put Absalom in contact with people who admired and adored him, and who would eventually side with Absalom in a rebellion against David.

III. The Reconciliation (II Samuel 14:28-33)
There was no heart in it. And there was certainly no true reconciliation between David and Absalom, as subsequent events will show.