2023-04-09: The Final Week — No Doubt

Sermon Audio: No Doubt
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: John 20:19-31
Duration: 18:34
Size: 12.7 MB

The Final Week
No Doubt
John 20:19-31

When a man like him announces that he has brought the dead back to life, we have to believe him.

But there’s a couple of other episodes in Thomas’ life help us understand the man.

Those who doubt most, and yet strive to overcome their doubts, turn out to be some of Christ’s strongest disciples.

They doubt, not because they’ve examined any evidence for themselves, but because they listened to the opinions of people, they’ve spent time with.

If you have doubts about the resurrection of Jesus…read the Bible.

Get what evidence you can, and then determine what you’re going to believe. But realize that the Bible says there’s a lot riding on your decision.