2021-06-27: The Life of David — Jonathan’s Warning

Sermon Audio: Jonathan’s Warning
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: I Samuel 20:1-42
Duration: 22:02
Size: 15.1 MB

The Life of David
Jonathan’s Warning
I Samuel 20:1-42

Jonathan devised a plan to find out whether this was true and, if true, to warn David about it.

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I. The Cause of David’s Fears (I Samuel 20:1-23)
A. The Problem (I Samuel 20:1–11)
The problem was that David was convinced that Saul was trying kill him.

B. The Promise (I Samuel 20:12-17)
But now, Jonathan knew that David would replace his father Saul as king over Israel.

C. The Plan (I Samuel 20:18-23)
If he told the boy that the arrows were beyond him, then David would know that Saul was still determined to kill him, and that he should flee.

II. The Confirmation of David’s Fears (I Samuel 20:24-42)
A. David’s Absence (I Samuel 20:24-29)
Jonathan told his father that David was in Bethlehem. This was not true, and it really was unnecessary to lie. But he did.

B. Saul’s Anger (I Samuel 20:30-34)
C. Jonathan’s Arrows (I Samuel 20:35-42)
In fact, Jonathan and David only met one more time years later before Jonathan’s untimely death.

Jonathan chose covenant loyalty to David, the God-anointed future king of Israel, over loyalty to his father, Saul.