2023-03-19: The Final Week — The Day They Cancelled Jesus

Sermon Audio: The Day They Cancelled Jesus
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: John 19:23-30
Duration: 22:57
Size: 15.7 MB

The Final Week
The Day They Cancelled Jesus
John 19:23-30

It was the cancel culture that put Him on the cross. A cancel culture that hated Jesus so much that it killed Him!

Despite what you may have seen in various paintings and movies Jesus was totally naked on the cross.

When Jesus died on the cross, he experienced all the shame and embarrassment that they had come to know, because He had died for them!

In His entire ministry Jesus never once referred to Mary as His “mother.”

You see, Jesus went to the cross to experience pain, and thirst, on our behalf.

And when Jesus did that for us, it was finished. The price for our sins was paid in full.

In other words (once you’re forgiven) God doesn’t know you by your sins, He knows you by your name.

2023-03-12: The Final Week — Behold the Man

Sermon Audio: Behold the Man
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: John 19:1-22
Duration: 20:51
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The Final Week
Behold the Man
John 19:1-22

The soldiers, the Jews and the chief priests none of them recognized who Jesus was!

I personally believe that the words that Pilate spoke that day were the words that God spoke…through Pilate.

Jesus…was that man! He’d come to fulfill even that prophecy from Zechariah: “HERE IS THE MAN.”

I’d rather be miserable all my life than to turn to Jesus for help.

Peter began to preach to them explaining from Old Testament prophecies that Jesus was their Messiah–the KING they had waited so long for.

It was my sin that held Him there until it was accomplished; His dying breath has brought me life–I know that it is finished.

You see, Jesus wasn’t nailed to the Cross by our sins! He volunteered to be nailed there…for our sins.

2023-03-05: The Final Week — The Significant Man

Sermon Audio: The Significant Man
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: John 18:28-40
Duration: 15:15
Size: 10.4 MB

The Final Week
The Significant Man
John 18:28-40

Pontius Pilate? Why on earth would I believe that he was one of the most significant men who ever lived?

Now, by the time Jesus stood before Pilate, Pilate could ill afford another revolt and (knowing this) the Jewish leaders demanded that he put Jesus to death.

Despite what the Jews believed and despite what some Christians even today have believed, Jesus did not come to set up an earthly Kingdom.

A lot of people believe that–if you want to get ahead–in politics or business or even in relationships, you have to sacrifice truth once in a while.

All of us have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. We are all sinners who need of forgiveness.

We praise Jesus…and Him crucified.

What will you do with Jesus?

2023-02-26: The Final Week — Who Are You Looking For?

Sermon Audio: Who Are You Looking For?
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: John 18:1-14
Duration: 10:00
Size: 13.0 MB

The Final Week
Who Are You Looking For?
John 18:1-14

You know, Jesus loved to ask questions. As I was doing some web surfing, I discovered that Jesus asked over 300 questions in the four gospels.

In fact, Judas was at the Last Supper… and Jesus even washed Judas’ feet.

Jesus came to save the worst of sinners, whether Judas, Paul… or me.

One problem too many people have is that they are afraid that they don’t know enough to witness to others.

There’s a common agreement amongst a lot of scholars that when you read a person’s name in the Gospels it’s probably because he/she had become a Christian.

The way for us to touch people for Jesus is to share how Jesus touched us.

2023-02-19: The Final Week — The Prayer of Love

Sermon Audio: The Prayer of Love
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: John 17:1-26
Duration: 23:19
Size: 16.0 MB

The Final Week
The Prayer of Love
John 17:1-26

And a lot of scholars call this prayer: Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer, because in this prayer Jesus is interceding for His church just like a High Priest in the Old Testament would have interceded for God’s people.

And so, in the vital prayer, just days before His crucifixion, Jesus was praying for the Father to protect the church from those dangers.

But here’s the deal: Satan can’t touch you IF you stay close to God.

Because when you quote Scripture…you’re quoting God. You can’t get a higher authority than God.

Jesus prayed that we would be unified: One church, with one message, and one Savior.

More often congregations are torn apart because of conflicts between members…and those conflicts can escalate because other members take sides.