2024-02-18: A Journey of Repentance — The Journey Begins

Sermon Audio: The Journey Begins
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Mark 1:15
Duration: 27:44
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A Journey of Repentance
The Journey Begins
Mark 1:15

As great as that journey was, however, allow me to suggest that the only journeys of eternal significance are the journeys of our souls.

Repentance is more than merely acknowledging that a wrong has been done, repentance digs much deeper.

    And repentance is the message for us today.

    1. Conviction: where sin is admitted.
    2. Contrition: where sin is abhorred.
    3. Conversion: where sin is abandoned.

In true repentance, there is conviction, contrition, and conversion as one turns from his sin to Christ for salvation.

God’s way is not through self-help, the encouragement to find the good in yourself, or through cheap entertainment.