2024-02-11: Shift — Shift Your Paradigm

Sermon Audio: Shift Your Paradigm
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Isaiah 6:1-8
Duration: 33:53
Size: 23.2 MB

Shift Your Paradigm
Isaiah 6:1-8

A paradigm is simply a specific way of looking at the world. It is a set of presuppositions, laws, theories, philosophies that shape your understanding of the world.

How would it effect you to have a close encounter with God? A God who isn’t an illusion or a pipe dream, but who is real enough to see?

Our first paradigm shift: When we see the world as it really is, and we realize it’s maybe not so stable and so under control as we thought.

When your paradigm shifts, is your concept of God big enough to handle it?

The Second Paradigm Shift: Seeing God as He Really Is
What the Lord is showing Isaiah is that He is the all-knowing, all-powerful, Almighty God with whom no one can compare!

If we walk out of a worship service the same as when we walked in, I’m not sure we’ve truly worshipped, because true worship will shake your temple!

The Third Paradigm Shift: Seeing Ourselves as we Really Are
This is a sign that you’ve seen God for who He is. Not only have you said, “uh oh,” but your heart grieves for those around you,

The NT equivalent of the coal from the altar is the Cross of Jesus Christ.


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