2010-02-28: What is That in Your Hand?

Sermon: What is That in Your Hand?
Speaker: Pastor Frank Clore
Scripture Text: Exodus 4:1-5
Duration: 21:19
Size: 9.76 MB

The life of Moses can be divided into three periods of time of 40 years each:

  • Palace: pomp and privilege.
  • Wilderness: preparation.
  • Leadership: leading the Children of Israel.

Moses protested and gave God four reasons why he would not be able to complete that task:

  1. He was unworthy — he was a murderer.
  2. He was ignorant — he had no godly training.
  3. He lacked the eloquence of being able to speak well.
  4. He believed no one would believe him.

Moses threw the staff down as God told him to do and it became a snake. Gold told him to pick it up by the tail and it became a staff.

God did a lot with Moses’ staff:

  • Exodus 7:17 — Nile turned to blood.
  • Exodus 8:5 — Frogs came out of the water.
  • Exodus 9:23 — He brought down thunder, hail and lightning.
  • Exodus 10:13 — A plague of locusts appeared.
  • Exodus 17:6 — He struck a rock and water came out.
  • Exodus 17:9 — Moses held it high in the air and the warriors were victorious.