2010-07-25: Hope Fully Set

Sermon: Hope Fully Set
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Duration: 28:58
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New Life In The Same Old Place
“Hope Fully Set”
1 Peter 1:13-21

The first word here, therefore, is a word that points us back.

God has caused them to be born again, through Christ. He had prepared a future inheritance for them in Christ.

I. A Cleared-Away and Clear Mind (1:13a)

You and I, are called to clear away whatever might mentally entangle us and to stay clear in regard to our focus on Christ.

II. In the Cross-hairs of Our Hope (1:13)

The preparing of our minds in light of God’s incomparable salvation should lead us first to hope.

The grace that God has already shown you is only an appetizer before the banquet.

Peter wants them to set their hope fully on the grace to be brought to us?

Peter is calling his readers and us to look forward to the certainty of God’s purposes and promises.

III. Hope and Holiness Go Together (1:14-16)

I think what we see here is that there is a connection between hope and holiness.

Holiness is not about being conformed to the world or lending in; it’s about being set apart, distinct from this broken and corrupt world.

When your hope is set fully on the grace that will be brought to us when Jesus is revealed, then your heart will be fully given to walking in His grace right now.

IV. Hope Through His Blood (1:17-21)

But even though holiness involves choices, hope and holiness are not simply the result of Christian willpower.

They were bought back, bought  out of slavery. Specifically, they were ransomed from the futile ways inherited from their forefathers.

Hope and holiness are not ultimately the result of our effort, because it is through him, through Christ, that we are believers in God.


As one who had suffered and would suffer for Jesus Christ, Peter knew the struggles his readers were experiencing.

Biblical hope begins with the ransom of Christ and finds its fullness in the revelation, the return of Christ.

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I Peter 1:22-25