2011-06-26: Precious & Magnificent Moments – Better Never to Have Known the Way

Sermon: Precious & Magnificent Moments – Better to Never Have Known the Way
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: II Peter 2:11-22
Duration: 26:55
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Precious & Magnificent Moments
Better Never to Have Known the Way
II Peter 2:11-22

The chapter intends to do in a negative way what chapter 1 aims to do in a positive way, namely, make us earnest about the business of confirming our call and election.

I. Boastful and Reviling

The false teachers are so brazen and cocky and self-assured that they revile the evil spirits as though they were safe from any supernatural evil influence at all.

So I am inclined to think that the “glories” which the false teachers revile are the glories of God and Christ, especially associated with the second coming.

Their reviling at the glories of Christ is like a wolf howling at the moonrise.

II. Carousing and Greedy

Here the brazen willfulness of the false teachers is seen in their doing in the daytime what other sinners only dare to do at night.

Let’s be a church where we are constantly helping each other to send our roots ever deeper into the rock of God’s truth.

III. Waterless Springs and Mists

O what a need there is in the church for discernment between waterless springs and springs of living water!

IV. Distorting The Gospel of Freedom

The way the false teachers entice new and unstable converts is by promising them freedom.

So Peter blasts the trumpet of warning: they are twisting the Scriptures to their own destruction, and their promised freedom is a bondage to corruption.

V. Storing Up More Judgment

So it is in the Christian life; if you stop trusting the heavenly doctor and disobey his prescription for your redemption, your latter state will be worse than the former.

The whole New Testament is agreed; there is no salvation apart from persevering faith.

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