2011-08-14: Get Your Feet Wet – Is That Your Final Answer?

Sermon: Get Your Feet Wet – Is That Your Final Answer?
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Matthew 14:28-29
Duration: 20:22
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Get Your Feet Wet
Is That Your Final Answer?
Matthew 14:28-29

The main point of this sermon series is to face and deal with, with God’s help, our fears that hold us back from taking the next steps with the Lord.

Matthew 14:28-29

So far, we have learned that:

  • Jesus calls us to get out of the boat, that is our place of security and comfort, in order to grow in our faith.
  • Fear is a big wall that we must over come, by faith and trust in Christ.
  • That God, if we wait and intently look for Him, comes to us in the midst of our life storms; our life fears.

Saying yes to God is not a misguided calculation that creates unnecessary anxiety but a confident trust in God’s ability to help us get out of our own boats and onto the water and move forward.

Therefore, when it comes to making a “getting out of the boat” decision, our final answer is our choice of believing, trusting, and then acting on that belief and trust, or not.

Joshua 3:14-17

Fear, worry, and anxiety pops up at the slight bump in the road, doesn’t it?

We don’t like to get wet, do we? It is inconvenient and it is a nuisance.

There comes a point (many points) when we have to make a final decision; a final answer – believe or disbelieve.

Where are you feeling the pinch and pressure of “your final answer” at work, At school, At home, With finances, With a relationship?

Next week
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Matthew 14:30-31