2011-11-13: Games People Play – Angry Birds

Sermon: Games People Play – Angry Birds
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Genesis 8:6-19
Duration: 34:29
Size: 15.7 MB

Games People Play
Angry Birds
Genesis 8:6-19

Noah was in a way the earliest angry birds player in all of history.

We live in a world full of people like Noah, hesitant to get off of the boat.

We give signals to those on the boat, and the research tells us that Christians have been angry birds.

Put simply, the word “Christian” has very high negatives right now–especially with the generations that represent America’s religious future.

What do the hesitant people, the people just dying to get out of the boat, the people ready to set their feet on living ground wither they know it or not, what do they see in the church birds?

Can you imagine how things might change if people knew that church was fun.

Five good reasons why the church is fun.

  1. We can turn up the music as loud as we like.
  2. Church is fun because you can wear what you want.
  3. Church is fun because you get to keep your lunch money.
  4. Church is fun because we DAT (do awesome things).
  5. Church is fun because there is always something to eat.

Noah opens the covering of the ark, and when he does he hears God speak.

We live in a hesitant world and we have hesitant hearts.

If we fly like this my guess is that we will see coverings coming off of arks all over the place.