2012-09-30: Spiritual Disciplines – Worship

Sermon: Spiritual Disciplines – Worship
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Isaiah 6:1-8
Duration: 26:53
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Spiritual Disciplines

Isaiah 6:1-8

In worship we catch a vision of God, when we join with other Christians to lift our voice in praise.

In worship we come to know God in ways that we can’t just reading about him.

In worship we catch a vision of ourselves.

In worship we catch a vision of God’s grace.

In worship we catch a vision of our call.

The Practice of Worship

It amazes me that Christians not coming to church and trying to live in the Kingdom of God without the Community of God surrounding them is not a new phenomena!

We don’t come to be a spectator to a performance of worship, we come to worship God!

Bring something to the table:

Find God
You could sit there and criticize the whole gathering, or you could trust in Jesus’ promise and Stop, Listen, Find God, and worship him.

A Life of Worship
Let the discipline of worship flow into your everyday life – learn to worship God by whatever you are doing.

Preparation for corporate worship
There are many reasons to worship – the most important being that God deserves it and we are created for it!