2013-02-03: Living in a Fallen World

Sermon Audio: Living in a Fallen World
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Habakkuk 2:4-20
Duration: 26:07
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Living in a Fallen World
Habakkuk 2:4-20

How does your view of God line up with such real life evil? How do you make theological sense out of the attack on America or even the attacks within America?

When faced with the fact that God was about to raise up the evil Babylonian nation to bring judgment against the people of God, it was more than he could take.

Three truths that God gives us in his Word regarding how we are to live in this fallen, sinful and often terrifying world.

I. God Calls Us to Live By Faith (2:4b)

There are two paths before us. One is the way of faith. The other is the way of “un-faith” or unbelief.

We are living in a culture that says that Christianity is one of many equally valid ways to God.

There is only one way. It is the way of faith. It is the way of faith in the true and living God-Jehovah.

II. God Will Punish the Wicked (2:6-13,15-19)

God told Habakkuk that although he was going to use this wicked nation of Babylon to accomplish his sovereign purposes with his people, he was also going to inflict punishment on the Babylonians for all their wickedness.

In the meanwhile, how are we to respond to the actions of the wicked?

But even as we support our civil and military leaders in their God-given duties, we are called by God to walk a different path as individuals.

On a personal level, we must return love for evil.

III. God Will Glorify Himself (2:14)

Tucked neatly between the dark gloom of the third and fourth woe is a striking ray of light recorded for us in verse 14.

God is in absolute control of today’s news.

This means that when you read your newspaper and watch the evening news-you should be doing so with kingdom glasses on.


In the death of Jesus we see how evil, in the hands of a sovereign God, can be a vital and necessary part of the perfect plan of God.

And in our moments of deepest pain and sorrow remember these truths from Habakkuk about how to live in a fallen world:

  1. God calls us to live by faith,
  2. God will punish the wicked, and
  3. God will glorify himself.