2013-09-22: The Great Adventure – Stand Against The Tide

Sermon: The Great Adventure – Stand Against The Tide
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Genesis 6:5-9
Duration: 26:10
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The Great Adventure
Stand Against The Tide
Genesis 6:5-9

Ever felt pressure to go along with the crowd…to give in to the tide?

Noah was different! We see in verse 8 that Noah finds favor with God, precisely because he is different!

Think about what this means…Noah did just what God told him to…even when it went against conventional wisdom…it went against the norm…went against what everybody else was doing!

When the whole world was full of evil…Noah stood against the tide and was God’s man!

But, like Noah, God still calls his people to stand against the tide! And that’s not always an easy thing to do…

There can be tremendous pressure to conform…to “fit in”…to be just like everybody else.

It takes a lot to stand against the tide…especially when the forces of that tide can be so strong.

1. He “walked with God.” (6:9)

In order to have a relationship with God…we’ve got to put in the time to make that relationship strong and that means more than just church on Sundays!

2. Noah trusted God’s Word (6:22)

We’ve got God’s Word on it…its just a matter of us choosing who we’re going to listen to…the wise, scholars, philosophers of this age? Or God?