2014-01-12: Luke-The Investigative Gospel – How Can I Be Sure?

Sermon Audio: How Can I Be Sure?
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Luke 1:5-25
Duration: 22:24
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Luke-The Investigative Gospel
How Can I Be Sure?
Luke 1:5-25

The gospel of Luke breaks a silence that has lasted for over four hundred years.

Zechariah was an ordinary country priest, one perhaps as many as 20,000 estimated to be living in Palestine at the time.

I wonder what that says about our own attendance in “worship services”, we come to worship God but do we have any idea that we might actually meet up with Him.

This man, John, who would come to be called “the Baptist“, was to be an extraordinary man!

In spite of Zachariah’s godliness, his obedience to the law and a lifetime of service in the ministry, his faith was weak when it came to believing such a promise.

Zachariah in asking, “How can I be sure”, is in effect asking for a sign.

God kept his promise, just as he always does, and Elizabeth, in spite of her years, conceived a child.


First, our impossibilities are only the platforms upon which God is able to do his best work.

Second, God’s delays are not denials. Never confuse a wait with a no.

Third, when God does choose to intervene it is always for His glory and our good.