2014-01-26: Luke-The Investigative Gospel – A Baby On The Way

Sermon Audio: A Baby On The Way
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Luke 1:39-45
Duration: 17:18
Size: 7.91 MB

Luke-The Investigative Gospel
A Baby On The Way
Luke 1:39-45

What does the word “blessing” mean? What does “to be blessed” mean?

Goodness and blessing can be associated with all three of these people.

I. Blessed is the Woman carrying the Child

I think Elizabeth is telling Mary that God has bestowed upon her a wonderful gift.

II. Blessed is the Child

This baby is not an ordinary baby, but is the Son of God.

III. Blessed is She who believes what the Lord said

Both of these women have received from God something that is impossible.


  1. We should have no fear about this life because Our God is in control.
  2. We should have hope in the future because of what Jesus has done and has prepared for us.
  3. We should have peace in this life because we know God keeps His promises.