2017-05-21: Luke-The Investigative Gospel – Jesus Appears To His Disciples

Sermon Audio: Jesus Appears To His Disciples
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Luke 24:36-49
Duration: 20:03
Size: 9.17 MB

Luke-The Investigative Gospel
Jesus Appears To His Disciples
Luke 24:36-49

You can have hope without faith, but you can not have faith without hope!

Jesus’ appearance to his disciples in Jerusalem in Luke 24:36-49 shows us how they came to recognize that Jesus was indeed alive.

I. The Reappearance of Jesus (Luke 24:36)

As with most people, they have to be persuaded. The disciples are as skeptical as the rest of humanity.

II. The Reassurance by Jesus (Luke 24:37-43)

A. Their Panic (Luke 24:37)

But this was no spirit that they saw, because Jesus gave proof that he was no spirit.

B. His Proof (Luke 24:38-43)

They were seeing and touching the resurrected, glorified Lord Jesus Christ!

The empirical evidence of Jesus’ resurrection is stated briefly: Jesus appears to them, speaks with them, and eats before them. Truly he is raised.

III. The Revelation by Jesus (Luke 24:44-49)

We must understand that one of the reasons Jesus taught them from Scripture was that he did not want them to rest their belief in his resurrection on their personal experience alone.

So, never think that you need to have a certain intellectual ability to understand the gospel.

So, if you have repented of your sins and received forgiveness of your sins, then you are commissioned by Jesus to tell others how they too can find forgiveness for their sins.

So, we have a very good reason to tell others about Jesus: not only is Jesus alive, he has changed us, and we are now empowered by the Holy Spirit to live for him and tell others about him.