2018-06-10: Jesus-The Ultimate Action Hero–Soft Heart-Hard Heart

Sermon Audio: Soft Heart–Hard Heart
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Mark 10:1-16
Duration: 23:14
Size: 10.5 MB

Jesus: The Ultimate Action Hero
Soft Heart–Hard Heart
Mark 10:1-16

Jesus points out in this case that relying on our own senses and desires will pull us away from God’s character, not towards it.

In fact, they may have been hoping that Jesus’ answer would either bring Him under their control, or cause Him to suffer the same fate as John!

Men and women were meant to get and stay married. But God knows we live in fleshly bodies and in a fallen world, so He allows divorce while protecting the innocent as much as possible.

They saw it as a legal issue. Jesus sees it as a spiritual issue.

As I said, we must always strive for God’s ideal, knowing that the flesh will muck things up. To me, it is the attitude of the heart that matters.

He takes the tender heart of the human who throws him or herself on the mercy of God through Jesus Christ.

Nothing seems to get God upset than when innocent ones are kept from approaching Him.

However, just as we don’t brand everyone who has ever hated as a murderer, we need to realize we live in a fallen world where we rely on God’s mercy and focus on having a soft heart towards Him in all things. We should make divorce the last possible option, knowing that there will be consequences.