2019-01-13: The Minor Prophets — Joel: Rend Your Heart

Sermon Audio: Joel: Rend Your Heart
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Joel 1-3
Duration: 22:37
Size: 11.0 MB

The Minor Prophets
Joel: Rend Your Heart
Joel 1-3

You have this picture of a realization (or revelation), a turn around (repentance), and a restoration (a returning to God).

This realization can only come through the fresh revelation of God’s will.

The Israelites will never, ever, experience again, the true blessings of God, for their lives, until they realized their mistake and turn around.

His goal is repentance, not destruction. That’s why God is relentless in proclaiming the same message over and over again, through His prophets.

We see the INTENT of God’s judgement. God desires our repentance.

It really doesn’t matter what you do, if there is no change of heart, there is no repentance.

True repentance takes place because there is a turning to God–a revelation of God’s glory, His holiness.

That’s why daily time with God is important. Our worship of God is crucial. Close encounters with God bring repentance.