2019-08-18: Acts: Life In The Spirit — Living A Life Of Integrity

Sermon Audio: Living A Life Of Integrity
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Acts 5:1-11
Duration: 23:23
Size: 11.4 MB

Acts: Life In The Spirit
Living A Life Of Integrity
Acts 5:1-11

As our merciful God is working His goodness into our hearts and lives, He requires sincerity and integrity from us.

I. God Cares about Proper Motives (Generosity or Greed?)
As far as we can tell, they were giving for the right reasons: to honor God and to help those in need.

Nevertheless, greed and pride are sins that can easily sidetrack us from doing what honors God.

II. God Requires Honesty from His People
We do know, however, that he and his wife were in on it together and had agreed on what they would tell anyone who might ask about how much they sold their property for.

III. Personal Sin Affects Those Around Us
The sin I’m talking about is the kind where we make a conscious choice to disobey God and His word, and we really don’t feel all that bad about it; at least not bad enough to repent and turn back to God.

God was not pleased, because He knew that their sin would have a harmful effect on the character and testimony of the church.

IV. God Does Not Want People to Take Him Lightly
These verses show us that fearing the Lord is a good thing. It does not mean that we do not trust Him or love Him.