2019-12-15: The Story Seldom Told — The Story of a Journey

Sermon Audio: The Story of a Journey
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Matthew 2:7-15
Duration: 23:17
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The Story Seldom Told
The Story of a Journey
Matthew 2:7-15

You would have to wonder what would ever possess a man to take his very pregnant wife on that type of journey.

Not sure that Mary and Joseph would have seen it as a fortuitous situation but it certainly meant that they were where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there.

You see, when we think of the journey of Christmas we think of the part of the trip before Jesus was born, but there was another trip, and that is a Story that is seldom told.

The Holy family fled to Egypt, stayed for an indeterminable period of time and then returned to Palestine.

The journey to Egypt would have been about 40 miles, but still outside the reach of Herod and there was a certain familiarity about it.

And just when Joseph thinks that maybe things have settled down and he can finally get some sleep his dreams are interrupted by an angel, again.

And that’s probably why we have verses in the scriptures like Proverbs 3:5, Trust in the Lord with all your heart¬†and lean not on your own understanding.

Is trust, trust if we don’t act on it?

Jesus offers us grace and forgiveness and in return he asks for our love and obedience.

That could have been written about Joseph, time and time again. He had an assurance about things he could not see.

Well first of all it reminds us that we need to trust God.