2022-10-16: The Life of David — David’s Son Solomon Anointed as King

Sermon Audio: David’s Son Solomon Anointed as King
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: I Kings 1:11-53
Duration: 25:16
Size: 17.3 MB

The Life of David
David’s Son Solomon Anointed as King
I Kings 1:11-53

Today we learn how David resolved this crisis and had his son Solomon anointed as king over Israel.

An outsider’s view is often different than an insider’s view.

I. The Countering of the Conspiracy (I Kings 1:11-27)
Nathan knew that God told David that Solomon was to be the next king over Israel.

II. The Prescription for the Ceremony (I Kings 1:28-37)
Nathan’s plan worked. King David swore a second oath to Bathsheba insisting that he would fulfill his first oath to make Solomon king.

David carried out God’s will to have Solomon succeed him as king when he gave them instructions about the ceremony.

III. The Crowning of the King (I Kings 1:38-40)
Every person faces the same choice today. Who will be our king? Will it be Jesus? Or will it be some rival to Jesus?

IV. The Submission to the King (I Kings 1:41-53)
This was awkward. Adonijah’s guests suddenly knew that they had backed the wrong horse. They couldn’t get out of En-rogel fast enough.

However, when Adonijah realized that his rebellion had been exposed, he threw himself on the mercy of God and his anointed king.