2023-01-08: The Final Week — The King Is Coming

Sermon Audio: The King Is Coming
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: John 12:12-19
Duration: 20:01
Size: 13.7 MB

The Final Week
The King Is Coming
John 12:12-19

Jesus entered that same city! The crowds went wild and spread their coats and palm branches on the road before Him.

TOO LATE! Jesus had already been there and done that. That’s what this Triumphal entry into Jerusalem was all about.

He’d come to be humble King, and His kingdom was to be a humble kingdom made up of servants… not warriors.

So, 1st Jesus came, humble upon a donkey, to teach us what being Christian’s all about. It’s all about humility and servanthood to others.

Jesus came to change our lives. To give us hope, and courage and the wisdom to build His Kingdom the way He wanted it done.

BUT JESUS DID! Jesus came to Jerusalem for those He loved. And Jesus is coming back… and He’s coming back for me.