2023-03-19: The Final Week — The Day They Cancelled Jesus

Sermon Audio: The Day They Cancelled Jesus
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: John 19:23-30
Duration: 22:57
Size: 15.7 MB

The Final Week
The Day They Cancelled Jesus
John 19:23-30

It was the cancel culture that put Him on the cross. A cancel culture that hated Jesus so much that it killed Him!

Despite what you may have seen in various paintings and movies Jesus was totally naked on the cross.

When Jesus died on the cross, he experienced all the shame and embarrassment that they had come to know, because He had died for them!

In His entire ministry Jesus never once referred to Mary as His “mother.”

You see, Jesus went to the cross to experience pain, and thirst, on our behalf.

And when Jesus did that for us, it was finished. The price for our sins was paid in full.

In other words (once you’re forgiven) God doesn’t know you by your sins, He knows you by your name.