2024-01-21: Shift — Shift Your Attitude

Sermon Audio: Shift Your Attitude
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: John 13:1-17, Philippines 2:5-11
Duration: 27:56
Size: 19.1 MB

Shift Your Attitude
John 13:1-17, Philippines 2:5-11

All of these made me wonder–is it possible to have a shift in your attitude that does not involve alcohol, a barroom brawl, or professional wrestling?

When we talk about shifting our attitude as Christians, it means shifting to be more like Jesus.

Jesus could have used this moment to “power up” on His disciples.

But Jesus taught and modeled that power is not primarily for the benefit of the powerful. And instead of powering up, he empowered others.

Jesus didn’t lay aside his power and authority to play-act the role of a servant.

But from the day we ate of the fruit in the garden, thinking it would make us like God, an alien will take precedence over our own.

Jesus used his power to give power to the powerless.

So, you can serve people without serving God. But you can’t serve God without serving people.

Doulos emphasizes the relationship of the servant to the MASTER.
Diakoneo emphasizes the relationship of the servant to the MINISTRY.
Huperetes–the under–oarsman, emphasizes the relationship of the servant to the MISSION.

So, what does it take to shift our attitude from one of entitlement to one of empowerment?