2024-03-03: A Journey of Repentance — “Through” Death

Sermon Audio: “Through” Death
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Romans 6:2-14
Duration: 26:55
Size: 18.4 MB

A Journey of Repentance
“Through” Death
Romans 6:2-14

A couple of weeks ago, I invited you to come along on this journey of repentance. I promised you it would not be easy, but that it would lead to life and to freedom.

Do you see? It is not our work, it is God’s work, but we must make the space for God to do the work.

What is the next step? It is death. It is dying to self, dying to sin, being united with Jesus’ in His death, being “crucified with Christ”, and then passing through death into the next step.

Because, you see, the death we are talking about is the death of sin.

This step in the journey of repentance is not an easy step, and that is why I’ve called this step “through” death.

As we walk this Lenten Road of repentance and obedience, let me challenge those of you who have not been baptized to really consider taking that step.