2024-03-10: A Journey of Repentance — Into Life

Sermon Audio: Into Life
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Acts 12:6-11, Romans 6:2-14
Duration: 26:57
Size: 18.5 MB

A Journey of Repentance
Into Life
Acts 12:6-11, Romans 6:2-14

Death is not an end point for us, as Christians. Physical death is not, and neither is spiritual death.

Every time a sinful action or attitude creeps up, we must cooperate with God in putting it to death and live differently.

Do you catch it? It is the same with us–Jesus has already accomplished everything at the cross, it is done, and yet we must trust and act.

Rather, I am talking about the Biblical truth of death to self—of having the old, sinful self “crucified with Christ”, of taking everything that I am and handing it over to God to be tested in the fire, to be purified, so that everything that remains would be pleasing to God.

The final step along the journey of repentance is the step into life. Into the life of God, into the fullness of God.