2024-05-26: Waiting, Receiving, Being

Sermon Audio: Waiting, Receiving, Being
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Acts 2:1-13
Duration: 30:47
Size: 17.2 MB

Waiting, Receiving, Being
Acts 2:1-13

Ten days after Christ had left, they found themselves in a room in Jerusalem doing just what Christ had commanded them to do, they were waiting.

When most of us think of Pentecost we think of Christianity, but as is the case with most of Christianity the true beginnings of Pentecost are rooted in Judaism.

But right there in that one little phrase is the secret to a church that is going to succeed and that is they were moving in one direction.

They were promised power, and that power is what they were waiting for.

Now I don’t know what was going on in that room before the wind and fire arrived, but I would suspect that God had their undivided attention after the fact.

You see what happens is that too many of us are guilty of putting God in a theological box; we say this is our position so get in there.

The miracle here was not the language that they spoke in but that they had the courage to speak in any language