2019-03-31: The Minor Prophets — Zechariah: Empowered By His Spirit

Sermon Audio: Zechariah: Empowered By His Spirit
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Zechariah 1-14
Duration: 21:58
Size: 10.1 MB

The Minor Prophets
Zechariah: Empowered By His Spirit
Zechariah 1-14

Zechariah encourages the nation to respond to her privileged, covenantal relationship with God by rebuilding the Temple and returning to the worship of God in the light of a glorious future when their Messiah comes and establishes His Kingdom.

If it is God’s will and God’s work, then only through the power of His Spirit can it be done.

God’s work is done through our human efforts but not by our efforts.

The lamp-stand in the Scriptures generally depicts the church, believers in Christ.

The Lord says, any challenges you face, any obstacles to My plan, as great as a “mighty mountain” (4:7), will be removed.

Focus on His promise and not the problem. Choose to look to God. He will always be there

You cannot be too small for God to use; you can be too big for Him to use.

God removes the obstacles and turns our small gifts into wonderful things that can be used to please Him and glorify His Name.