2019-04-07: The Minor Prophets — Malachi: God Speaks We Listen

Sermon Audio: Malachi: God Speaks We Listen
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Malachi 1-4
Duration: 20:38
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The Minor Prophets
Malachi: God Speaks We Listen
Malachi 1-4

The interesting part about this book is that each time God speaks, the people responded with a rebuttal–a question of defense or denial.

They have turned cold towards God and the things of God. God has lost His place in their heart and lives.

God is actively engaging with His people in a personal and loving way. He is communicating, but are His people listening.

It is not so much a matter of IF God is speaking, but rather, whether we are listening.

It is those little sounds, soft and inward, quite imperceptible sometimes, that distracts us from distinguishing God’s Word.

Guard those short spans of time you have when you are alone and not doing anything, like commuting from home to work.