2020-11-08: Acts: Life In The Spirit — Happy People in an Unhappy World

Sermon Audio: Happy People in an Unhappy World
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Acts 24:1-27
Duration: 22:31
Size: 15.4 MB

Acts: Life In The Spirit
Happy People in an Unhappy World
Acts 24:1-27

True joy is found in giving and receiving the unconditional love of Jesus. Happiness is not found in our circumstances, but in the unchanging love of God.

I. Happy People Experience Difficult Situations (Acts 24:1-9)
Paul’s happiness did not depend on his situation. Circumstances did not control Paul’s joy level.

II. Happy People Live with a Clear Conscience (Acts 24:10-16)
There is nothing like being forgiven! It has to be one of the most awesome blessings we receive from God.

You can have a clear conscience, not because you are perfect, but because Jesus can heal the pain that is in your heart because of past sins!

III. Happy People Know that Innocence Is Their Best Defense (Acts 24:17-21)
With God’s help we can live a holy and obedient life, so that there will be nothing substantial for our enemy to use against us.

IV. Happy People Receive the Truth, Even if It Hurts! (Acts 24:22-27)
The truth may make them uncomfortable and afraid, but if they act on the truth, then they will find peace and joy as a result.