2023-01-29: The Final Week — Washing Feet Reveals The One

Sermon Audio: Washing Feet Reveals The One
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: John 13:1-20
Duration: 27:38
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The Final Week
Washing Feet Reveals The One
John 13:1-20

Judas was trusted with keeping the funds for the group but was a thief and had been skimming from the purse.

Jesus knew this would lead to Peter’s denial, just as He knew about Judas’s betrayal.

I mean, sure, we’d been arguing that day, but I never thought he’d actually ask Jesus when he could stop forgiving his brother.

So, as we live out our faith, we strive for perfection but can be assured that God will forgive and restore our relationship when we fall short and need His forgiveness.

Synoptic gospels each tell about the disciples arguing to be considered the greatest when Jesus becomes king.

Jesus gets up, removes his outer garment, ties a towel around his waist, washes the feet of the disciples, dresses, and returns to his place at the table.

That’s what Jesus is telling us by washing feet. We need to be looking for how we can serve; see a need, fill a need.