2023-02-05: The Final Week — It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts

Sermon Audio: It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: John 14:15-27
Duration: 20:55
Size: 14.3 MB

The Final Week
It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts
John 14:15-27

You see, Jesus was talking about the Holy Spirit, and it’s a fundamental teaching in Scripture that the Spirit dwells inside of each believer.

The apostles were able to do some very powerful and amazing things. I believe that the Holy Spirit was moving powerfully in their midst.

But the real problem here is that, not only that they were false prophets, but their arrogance serves to undermine the faith of real Christians in the ability of God’s Spirit to really do things.\

He dwells INSIDE of us and He knows exactly what we’re thinking and how we’re feeling.

We can be so filled with God’s powerful Spirit that we refuse to see reason for despair/surrender.

That means that, if you belong to Christ and the Spirit of God is inside of you, when you come before the throne of God at the resurrection that SEAL/MARK of the Holy Spirit is the only thing God’s going to look at.